Non-explosive technology

Alternative to explosive and traditional methods.

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Products manufactured by ROCK BREAKING SYSTEM S.L. do not possess any explosive component unlike other similar products, however, it allows to obtain similar results exponentially reducing the risks of accidents.

Its main value lies in the great stability of its chemical mixture against shock, friction, pressure and high temperatures, thus increasing safety.

As PBC Expansor and PLASMA Expansor are NON-EXPLOSIVE products, they are not subject to strict administrative controls regarding transport, use and storage, avoiding the cumbersome procedures to which explosive products are subject.

The use of PBC Expansor and PLASMA Expansor must be carried out by professionals, as well as complying with the recommendations and technical specifications indicated in the ROCK BREAKING SYSTEM S.L.

With PBC Expansor and Plasma Expansor, the normal evacuation radius is reduced to only 50 meters from the fracture point, thus achieving greater productivity by not having to stop the business activity and can even access the work area immediately after use.

Since the reaction rate is subsonic in nature, the vibration level is 90% lower than that of conventional explosives.

In the case of explosives, the detonation velocity in the rock is greater than the velocity of sound, which generates stress waves that travel through the rock mass. For this circumstance PBC Expansor and PLASMA Expansor allow work in extremely sensitive areas, either due to specific geotechnical conditions in the sector or the presence of infrastructures sensitive to vibrations, decibels or rock projection.

The main feature that allows PBC Expansor and PLASMA Expansor to be applied to rock fragmentation in sensitive areas is the low displacement of material that it causes due to the short duration of the pressure pulse produced by the generated gases.

This circumstance contrasts sharply with the explosives that normally have an ultrasonic character and the reaction products are gases that remain in that state during the development of the blasting causing the projection of rock particles.

The decibels generated in each fragmentation event with PBC Expansor and PLASMA Expansor is caused by the rock itself when broken, it is only noticeable if the retouching has not been correct or appropriate.

The RBS initiation system for the PBC Expansor and PLASMA Expansor has the ability to activate at least up to 50 capsules per event; Up to 6 events can be started with a single battery charge.

For processes that require greater productivity, the ROCK BREAKING SYSTEM S.L. It has capsules and procedures that adapt promptly to any of the needs demanded by the client.

PBC Expansor and PLASMA Expansor capsules work as a result of an exothermic reaction that reaches high temperature and pressure, both decreasing due to the fracture caused in the rock, the generated gas dissipates without loading the environment and with the lowest possible impact to the surrounding fauna and flora.

The only technology on the market that does not generate nitrous oxides.

PBC Expansor and PLASMA Expansor are products totally suitable for underwater fractionation work in contrast to other more complex and expensive methods, maintaining performance and efficiency ratios never seen before.

The team of ROCK BREAKING SYSTEM S.L. With its fragmentation technologies, PBC Expansor and PLASMA Expansor, it offers an excellent service evaluating the risks and their environmental impact, guaranteeing fragmentation of minimum invasion or transformation of the environment not related to the work to be done.

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