Rock Breaking System S.L.

We manufacture, market and provide service for rock and concrete fragmentation systems since 2014, committed to the continuous innovation and implementation of the most innovative technologies on the market in NON-detonating products.

PBC Expansor and PLASMA Expansor are a guarantee of safety and tranquility when it comes to fragmentation of rock or concrete due to the minimal movement of material that it causes and its action contained inside the material selected to work.

It does not cause violent rock projections but a controlled displacement, which allows us to minimize safety distances in the evacuations of personnel, material and adjoining equipment in the different work areas.

The team of ROCK BREAKING SYSTEM S.L. With its fragmentation technologies, PBC Expansor and PLASMA Expansor, it offers an excellent service evaluating the risks and their environmental impact, guaranteeing fragmentation of minimum invasion or transformation of the environment not related to the work to be done.

ROCK BREAKING SYSTEM S.L. manufactures innovative, environmentally friendly and maximum safety products. PBC Expansor and PLASMA Expansor do not replace the explosive, but it does complement it and, when the latter cannot be used in sensitive areas (near roads, railways, population, etc.) they are the ideal products compared to other alternatives such as expansive cement or industrial machinery.